SEAF Commons

The SEAF Commons groups utility classes and XSL templates used in the SEAF projects.

It provides the following XSL templates:

  • SystemFunctions.xsl: common system-level functions to be used in any other template.
  • CommonBusinessFunctions.xsl: common functions with business-level meaning to be used in any other template.
  • Merge.xsl: template to merge xml files into one.

It provides a file with common XSD definitions in the XSD repository.

It provides the following Java utilities:

net.sf.seaf.commonClasses commonly used in the whole SEAF.
net.sf.seaf.exceptionCommon exception hierarchy.
net.sf.seaf.factoryFactory-related interfaces.
net.sf.seaf.factory.implFactory-related implementations.
net.sf.seaf.factory.impl.supportFactory-related utility base classes.
net.sf.seaf.utilUtility classes. Calculation of toString() and hashCode(). Temporal converter utilities.
net.sf.seaf.util.beanJavaBean machinery. Helper to extract value of a property.
net.sf.seaf.util.convert.collectionConverter to convert Collections of objects.
net.sf.seaf.util.convert.simpleConverters of Simple types.

This project is part of SEAF, which is hosted by